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Is Death the End or the Beginning?

Some believe that death is the end, that there is nothing else beyond it. Then some believe that their is an afterlife where we will be with our lost loved ones again for all of eternity. What if everyone is wrong. What if this world is just a training ground, and death is just the portal that brings you to meet your true destiny. What if some die young while others die old because some require less training while others need more preparation. Consider that perhaps death on this earth is only the end of the first chapter of a much greater story and that much greater rewards…. and perils await you. Join me as we explore the wonder of this amazing possibility.

Things change…

It is the great pattern of things. Civilizations have come and gone. Empires have risen from ashes, only to later crumble to dust and be forgotten by time. Gods have ascended and others have fallen. Powerful men have risen to power only to have that power corrupt them and all that they have accomplished. Ordinary men have achieved greatness and left their mark on the world. Now is your opportunity to reach for the stars and achieve great things, but At What Price. How much will it cost you?

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